Food inflation eases to 10.05%

Annual food inflation fell for the second straight week, to 10.05 per cent for the week ended August 14, as prices of vegetables like potato and onion declined.

Food inflation had softened to 10.35 per cent for the week ended August 7 against 11.40 per cent in the previous week.

On an yearly basis, potato became cheaper by over 50 per cent, while vegetables overall saw a decline of 14.23 per cent. Onion prices also fell by 7.29 per cent, official data released today showed.

Cereal prices, however, rose by 7.10 per cent, driven mainly by higher prices of pulses, rice and wheat compared to the same period last year.

While pulses became dearer by nearly 16 per cent, prices of rice and wheat rose by 7.72 per cent and 7.61 per cent, respectively, during the week under review on yearly basis.

Among other food items, milk prices soared by 18.22 per cent during the week over the same period last year, and fruits became dearer by 15.24 per cent.

The overall inflation, which also factors in the rate of change in prices of manufactured goods, fell to single digit after a gap of five months to 9.97 per cent.

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