Reliance reopens fuel retail network across Kerala

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) today announced that it has re-opened its extensive fuel retail network across Kerala.

With the decontrol of petrol pricing, the RIL fuel retail outlets now retail Motor Spirit (Petrol) at price parity with PSUs. In addition, the RIL outlets continue to provide strong Quality & Quantity (Q & Q) assurance to its customers, a RIl press release said.

RIL spokesperson said “Earlier we were at a disadvantage as RIL was not covered under the Governemnt subsidy. Now, with the deregulation of Petrol, there is a level playing field and Reliance Petrol will now be sold at the same price as that of the other Oil Companies’.

If the government announces Diesel deregulation, then Diesel like Petrol, will also be available at market rate, he said.

However, Reliance Diesel is also sold at the same price as that of competition presently. Further to this, Reliance will resume operations across all pumps, pan India.”

From the beginning, RIL has been committed to fuel retailing in India by redefining product quality and customer service standards. The bedrock of Reliance’s fuel offering lies in its Quality & Quantity assurance, achieved through significant investment in technology and processes that ensure consistent delivery of quality products at every retail outlet, the release said.

This will help in creating a new benchmark in customer delight and pave the way for eradicating wide spread malpractices in retailing of transportation fuels across the country.

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